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icon Panasonic GH-1 shoots latest Heineken commercial ..

by Doug Brown
from dpreview forum

Here's a link to a discussion forum where a member of the crew discusses the latest video shoot for Heineken, all done on the Panasonic GH-1. They used a Canon 5DMK2 for the stills but shot the video on the Panny.

His description is full of praise for the four thirds standard and the GH-1's quality. Really gives you an idea of the potential upside in this market for them. It would seem four thirds is more than enough quality for commercial video shoots for television.

There are a couple of sites that have sprung up to discuss the use of video-capable digital SLR's for commercial projects. Even a couple that specialize in providing custom grip and mounting hardware for DSLR's.

Here's an example -

Serious artists are moving forward with the use of video shot with DSLRs. With the current best models, work-arounds and custom solutions may still be necessary. But I think the manufacturers are going to take note of the increasing use of their equipment in this field - which at the moment is wide open with no one manufacturer being a clear front runner - and start to address the kinks in the workflow.

With the GH-1, this is not some $50,000 dream RED system we're talking about, but a camera well within the affordability of most average photographers. And it's being used in place of high end video-specific equipment on high paying commercial shoots..

Parade's leaving. If Olympus wants their float in it the micro four thirds model has got to have bullet proof video implementation.

I know most people on this forum don't really care about it for their own personal use, but if you are talking about what the next top of the line pro camera from Olympus needs, video is at the head of the list. This is a whole new market that is wide open at the moment.

In fact it would be a good idea if any next DSLR camera release from Oly, pro level or not, had a video implementation. At least it would get some of those wonderful Digital Zuiko's in the game (lenses are where the profit is).

Years ago Olympus tried to take on the pro market with the E1. It was underspeced, had a primitive focusing system, and few existing lenses. The effort faltered badly.

But today, with an HD capable micro four thirds camera, they have the potential to jump right into the lead in this professional field. Think of a m4/3 camera with the 90-250 2.8, 300 2.8 or 35-100 f2 attached to it producing HD level output.

Highest quality, and potentially best practices in the field if they do it right.

Doug B

.. from darkness to HIS everlasting light..

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icon Re: Panasonic GH-1 shoots latest Heineken commercial ..

Keren ni, tunggu seharga dslr entry level ah.. moga-moga

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icon Re: Panasonic GH-1 shoots latest Heineken commercial ..

Melalui penjatahan pendapat Anda, Anda bisa menggali bahwa kesadaran yang Anda tidak dapat menangkap dari sumber lain. Aku seperti ini cara berbagi pengetahuan.


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Kamera-Digital Forum : Panasonic : Panasonic GH-1 shoots latest Heineken commercial .. New Topic Post Reply
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